So now that we are here ! Let me tell you what exactly I mean by the title “Life by the hour glass”.

Sitting on the swing and struggling hard to get higher and higher up in the air. Watching the sea waves going back and forth as you try to dig into  the sand with your feet in the most serene islands on earth. Feeling like getting your feet dirty in the mud while getting wet in the rain right in your backyard. Letting your mother feed you with her own hands no matter how many girlfriends you have had. Finding yourself eavesdropping on a conversation between your parents about buying you a camera you always wanted. Finding a hot cup of tea and chocolates in the biting cold of the highest motor able road on the earth. Washing your hands with cold water in -4 degree Celsius temperature. Getting upset that your father sold the old bike you loved to ride on with him. Listening to endless tales of how your parents met and laughing on it. Criticising cliché romantic movies a million times yet pondering sometimes  how will you meet your love, while watching one of those. Realising that your favourite shirt no longer fits you. Listening to your favourite song at the right moment. Feeling guilty after a shopping splurge. feeling butterflies while coming down in a giant wheel.

A million and one moments like these which we experience in our lives, Some times we notice, sometimes we don’t ! Life by the hour glass is one of the many attempts one could make to relive the joy of these small moments. It is my not so perfect yet honest views and feelings about some of the things, people or places which hold a lot of importance for me.

A philosophical blog ? NO! A blog about my travels? No! oh! a serious one? NO!

It’s just you and me sitting on a park bench and talking !


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Iloveit says:

    Beautiful! We want more! Continue writing. This is great stuff. 🙂


    1. Smita Bose says:

      I’m glad that u did 🙂


      1. hemant singh shekhawat says:

        nice one smita. keep it up.


      2. hemant singh shekhawat says:

        nice one Smita, keep it up.


  2. Shashikanth Sagar says:

    Wonderful!Taking life by colours.Keep writing.


    1. Smita Bose says:

      Thank you so much Sashikanth 🙂


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