Adulting? Well not so much!

This is a note to my future self. To me and my friends who are at the threshold of starting a new phase of their lives. Some of us are going to study at universities of different parts of world while some of us are starting with their jobs. While we plan our glittery career, high profile jobs, better degrees and a good life, there is one thing I would want to remind each one of us, including myself.

Well, we come across the word – ‘Adulting’  often, isn’t it? Woke up early to fill fresh water – adulting. Tried finding better grocery store – adulting, burnt the daal while texting – adulting.

Our generation is struggling with basic household chores, with the simplest of the requirements of our lives. We are a fortunate generation. Things have been relatively easier for us. No more ‘aata chakki’, instead we have machines even for kneading dough. No more ‘daal peesna’ before making dosas, we are the generation of readymade batter. Vacuum cleaners, friers, cutters, automatic washing machines, the list goes on.

We are working, we are travelling miles and miles alone and we want to be independent.  However for me the true meaning of independence was flawed, until recently I completed college and the real life welcomed me. I found that there is so much more to becoming an adult and do the usual ‘turning 18 stuff’!

For even the basic facilities, we are dependent on people. On the ‘Bai’ who cleans the house, for the ‘cook’ who makes our meals. We never thought we would have to clean our bathrooms as a part of living alone. That is my friend, being independent. A little piece of it. Being able to atleast make a decent meal for ourselves is independence. While most of us argue about much bigger subjects like equality, injustice and independence of thought, most of us lack the quality of leading our life without someone’s help.

While I would love to sing and act out Avril Lavigne’s –  ‘Here’s to never growing up!’, the actual growing up is so much different, my love!

I’m probably being hypocritical since I myself am struggling with these things. I hardly know how to cook, I am lazy and would probably let the house be if one day my house help fails to attend to the cleaning. I do help my mom in housework but I get tired of it. But I have realised that being independent is not easy. I would have to start doing much more than just saying that I want to be independent. The definition might still widen up in the future but for now, THIS is what it is.

So I am trying. I am learning, step by step. I don’t like cooking but who said knowing it would absolutely suck! It is interesting. I know getting up and getting hold of that mop to clean the room might seem like a boring job but at the end it gives you satisfaction of having done it yourself.

In a few days, I will start my job. Soon enough I will have to step into the shoes of a ‘House manager’. If not so much of a house, then atleast an apartment! So, this is a note to my future self, and my friends. We all are now getting out there. Do we want to be independent? I hope we do 🙂


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