It was my vacations when I came across an internship opportunity. I applied and guess the team at SarkariLife liked my profile. And I was in! The very first conversation with the content head of the website SarkariLife, Mr Aniket Vaishnav made me feel really comfortable with the whole working scenario within the team. Since then I haven’t regretted my decision even once.

Initially when I started out with writing posts, it took time for me to get a hang of it. But nevertheless, my team was very patient with me. Little by little I got better and step by step I started learning new things, some of which came as a surprise for me.

SarkariLife has provided me with a lot of knowledge and experience. The learning is not just restricted to web content writing, it gave me a very deep understanding of the importance of management in start-ups and in general. The meticulous system of management of both content and other resources in SarkariLife and its system of feedback gives it a unique touch. Another very important skill which I gained while working with such an informed and diligent team was an understanding of SEO. The flexibility given out to interns gives SarkariLife extra points. The team at SarkariLife is very friendly and it ensures that the intern works comfortably.

I had an amazing time working here. And I think if I can go for an internship again, I would never think even once before choosing SarkariLife. As we say, ‘You take a Break, you never leave!’


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  1. Aniket says:

    Thanks, Smita! Good to know you have liked the journey with us so far. We too have loved to have to on board and are very impressed with the way you have managed this blog, your assignments at SarkariLife; and all this between exams and studies and stuff.


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