India’s Daughter – A letter to the Lawyers.

Today, I watched the BBC Documentary on the Delhi rape case. Nirbhaya as they called her. The ‘Fearless’. I am beyond disturbed. What I want to say is… I am helpless. I realise that I am a girl born in a society where ‘Rape’ is defended and ‘Molestation’ though regarded as a crime, but on the part of the girl. Where, it is the attire and the length of clothing worn by a woman which decides her moral character. Where, it is indecent to have male friends or companions. Where, the hour of the clock decides whether the girl is to be raped or respected. Where, everything sells on the name of ‘sexuality’. Where there is a boundary for the women. The ‘four walls of the house’ as they say it.

M.L Khanna & A.K Singh

Till now I used to think (pardon me for my poor knowledge of the practical world), that the convicts of gruesome crimes never get a lawyer themselves but cases like these are assigned lawyers because of the ‘Equality in justice’ approach of the Indian ‘Democracy’. Today I was proved to be not just pitifully wrong but now I feel like I was in a delusion. Mr M.L Sharma and Mr A.K Singh proved me wrong. BBC captured their comments about the rape, I feel sorry for these poor souls who say there is no place ‘for women in this culture’. I tried finding their email ids to share a piece of my mind with them but unfortunately the ids’ are not available. So here is what I want to say to you two, out in the open.

I always thought education is a way of broadening the minds of mankind. Yet again you proved me wrong. You two seem to be educated well enough to be lawyers but yet, there you are sitting in front of international media saying things I never imagined one could think of about the heinous crime. When the world is out parading for the cause of justice for her and those numerous voices that drowned down in the noise of the system, corruption and endless horrors of suppression, yet you could have the courage to say ‘What was she doing in the night so late with an unknown person?’ Well sirs (out of the habit of being unnecessarily courteous), She was coming back from a movie with a friend at nine? I think that’s quite a decent time. Isn’t it? But then what can I say, I am just a woman.

With such audacity you stated that you had the ‘courage’ of burning your sister/ daughter alive in public if she engages in pre marital relationships. Well, I would like to point it out, as a matter of general opinion that it is not a symbol of courage, but your cowardice. Your disturbing perception of justice and your disability of narrow mindedness.  But what do I know about perception of the real world. I am just a woman.

You say the 6 men who are responsible for not just her death but also the murder of humanity once again, were serving out a lesson for her. Lesson for being out so late in the night and with a boy?  First of all sir, if that was the way lessons were served out in this country, the men whom you are so proudly and diligently defending would have been hacked to death long ago by the angry mob of people gathered for her justice. Would you say the same thing then? That would have been a bigger lesson then.  But being born in a society where a girl is left after being raped without help on the road without anybody to help her in such condition, what can I understand about justice and lessons. I am just a woman.

I am ashamed of the fact that not once, I repeat not even once did you admit that what these 6 people did was wrong. I am actually wondering if you got the idea of the documentary wrong. It was not a video on ‘The ridiculous and most baseless beliefs in Indian society about a girl’. Speaking about how it was not right on her part to roam out in the night with a boy, laying out the ‘whats’ and ‘what nots’ for a woman is plain implicative of how there is not one thing you can say to defend your clients who are so shameless that there is not a single sign of remorse in their behaviour while saying ‘a girl is more responsible for a rape than a boy’.  Your defence is baseless and your role, redundant in a case where there are thousands of people against these 6 men.  So by giving all those nonsensical statements on international stage, you are just reminding the world of how a girl was raped, tortured and killed on the roads of the national capital of the country and yet the country has people like you who attempt to defend such imbeciles who find ‘need of giving out charitable lessons’, a good excuse of pleasuring themselves.

Sir (again out of the habit of being unnecessarily courteous), I would only request you to not make your personal views about things to be done as a woman (just as they train the pets), public. In short I would like you to shut up. But yet again, how can I request of something like that. I am just a woman.

Thank you for letting all of us girls know that everytime we return to our homes safely, we should thank our fate that we weren’t raped and murdered. You are setting a very good image of us in front of the whole world. Tomorrow I would not be surprised if a person say, ‘India is the country where women get raped and the rapists are defended’.

Tender flowers as you describe us but I beg to differ, we are not tender flowers who need protection from men like these. We are normal human beings just like all the men. We have jobs, roles and posts. We make money and make a family. We are independent. We have big dreams and are not afraid to pursue them. We are the women. The mother, sister, daughter, friend, companion, colleague, mentor and equals of men.  So next time you think of expressing yourself in the most preposterous ways possible, make sure you have the guts to say it out in front of the parents of the girl who was raped and murdered that night. Nirbhaya as they call her. The ‘fearless’.


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  1. Women get raped, not because they dress in an improper way, or go out at all the wrong times or engage with males , they get raped because someone decided to rape her!


    1. Smita Bose says:

      Exactly my point Parul. This blog is nothing but a sarcastic way of making people aware of the utter ridiculous nature of the beliefs which are there in our society.


      1. And you have managed to do a great job! Even I focus on ‘she’ in my blog!:D


  2. brojo biswas says:

    How can people even think of protecting that’s is so inhuman,not only inhuman but also gruesome and these laywers are protecting these people.
    Sick and pathetic off people like,you all that being educated u u protect something that is beyond what we call a civilised society,to hell with society how can some person protect or stand up for these people.
    I am,just so ashamed of my sex


    1. Smita Bose says:

      Don’t be ashamed of you gender. Generalisations ruin judgements. So many men are fighting for the same cause. Instead blame those people who on the basis of morality find lame and ridiculous excuses to establish standards and bring influence. These people include some women too.


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