Youthopia – a beginning …

I have always expressed through writing and photography. I have written about special moments, places and people till now and this has made me realise that I am an emotional writer. It was only last December I realised I want my writing to be much more than just a hobby. It was only then I started working towars it.

Last week of May, I spotted the internship at Youthopia for content writing. The job description appealed a lot to me and I thought it might just provide an excellent opportunity to improve myself as a writer. With this in mind I applied for it. Looking at the amazing website and the quality articles based on numerous rich topics, I thought it might be a tough competition since this might be appealing for thousands of more to youngsters out there too who have the zeal to express through writing. Last week I got to know I was selected and as I read the guidelines sent to us about the system, excitement rushed through me.

I have been an intern at a few other online youth platforms and magazines, but never had I felt that they were so serious towards the interns, their experience and the importance of the topics for the interns. As I continued to interact with my group I realised I was lucky to have been selected and placed in such a warm, excited and enthusiastic bunch of people driven towards writing for themselves. The team leads turned out to be amazingly friendly and this made me confident of gaining a good experience and friends out of this internship. The attitude of ‘Youthopia team’ towards writing is simply wonderful.

This has added a new chapter in my life. I hope this internship will turn out to be very beneficial for me to grow as a writer. The different categories and segments pose a challenge which I love the most, the challenge of doing something unique. The flexibility of topics and the potential of having large scope of topics will stimulate my mind to be more creative. I hope the whole experience will improve the my thought process, the way I approach the topic, my vocabulary, the idea to experiment and develop the ability to write about everything and anything in me. At the end of the internship, I hope I will have had a lovely experience of interacting with people so similar to me and also will make good friends along the way.

As they say, “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”.

Check out the our coolness at youthopia  and feel free to express 😉


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