Me and my strange love for Bengali films

I made an independent choice to start watching Bengali movies and I fell in love with them. See why!


The story of ‘Quarters’

It’s been so long since I have written anything for my blog or for that matter written anything at all. Anyway, I felt like writing today and about what? We shall see.

Adulting? Well not so much!

This is a note to my future self. For me and my friends who are at the threshold of starting a new phase of their lives.

Bhutan – The land of the Thunder Dragon

In the month of May I traveled to the kingdom of Bhutan. Travelling through the country, I tried to capture the essence of the country through a series of pictures.

The streets of Pondicherry

Pondy has beach, sun and sand and not to forget the amazing food; but it also has a quirkiness about it which makes you want to go back again and again.

The ‘Kids with Cameras’

Pursued as a hobby, serving as my passion, photography has indeed changed me. The real understanding though, of the power of those captured moments came only after I saw this documentary. Mentioned as an Oscar nominated and Academy award winning film, Born into Brothels is not just one film you see to get a peek…


It was my vacations when I came across an internship opportunity. I applied and guess the team at SarkariLife liked my profile. And I was in! The very first conversation with the content head of the website SarkariLife, Mr Aniket Vaishnav made me feel really comfortable with the whole working scenario within the team. Since…

India’s Daughter – A letter to the Lawyers.

Today, I watched the BBC Documentary on the Delhi rape case. Nirbhaya as they called her. The ‘Fearless’. I am beyond disturbed. What I want to say is… I am helpless. I realise that I am a girl born in a society where ‘Rape’ is defended and ‘Molestation’ though regarded as a crime, but on…

Youthopia – a beginning …

I have always expressed through writing and photography. I have written about special moments, places and people till now and this has made me realise that I am an emotional writer. It was only last December I realised I want my writing to be much more than just a hobby. It was only then I…

A Memory.

Have you realised that whenever you try to remember your childhood, a myriad of memories in form of pictures flashes through your mind? It’s actually curious how human mind works! After seeing an old childhood picture of my friend, I just remembered the house we used to live in when I was 6 years old….

Merry Old man

Sometimes I wonder why can’t I just travel, travel and travel. It is so much fun! You meet new people, get to know about their experiences and get to share your own! And as far as I am concerned, I can go on and on about my trips! (Habit of blabbering it is!) I met…

Through the eyes of five years old – Kolkata, then and now

Evolution is a relative word. When we say something has evolved we compare it with what it was at a particular time before. Calcutta became Kolkata, as I grew up from a new born to 18 years old. I never lived in Kolkata; it was a place where I used to spend some time of…